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6th Impact Summit Europe


Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands. 24-25 March 2019

Impact Summit Europe is Europe’s leading annual impact investing conference for institutional investors and asset owners, bringing to life a vision of tomorrow’s world with today’s investments.

There were many actors and financial institutions speaking about sustainable investments, however, the real action all was remarkable from Sir Ronald Cohen and his book “Impact Revolution”.

A few quotes to inspire you to get acquainted with what could be done by various actors:

"We must act now, there’s never been a greater need or a better time."

Our world is in trouble. Disquiet and uncertainty have frozen us into inaction. Yet there is a powerful solution within our grasp: impact.

Consumers, pension savers, philanthropists, investors, entrepreneurs, social sector organizations, governments and big company leaders—all of us play a critical role in the Impact Revolution.

To speed the advance of the Impact Revolution, let’s act now on 7 fronts:

As consumers, let’s purchase products and services that help improve lives and protect our planet.

As pension savers, holders of insurance policies, and owners of investment portfolios, let’s push our investment managers to make Responsible and Sustainable Investment allocations of 50%+ of portfolios, and impact investment allocations of 10%+.

As entrepreneurs, and young ones in particular, let’s develop innovative businesses that deliver and measure positive impact, and let’s run them in a way consistent with our values.

As managers and employees of companies, big and small, let’s push to set impact objectives, and to report on their achievement.

As citizens, let’s lobby our governments to encourage investors and businesses to make decisions based on risk-return-impact; adopt common impact accounting and reporting standards; and direct unclaimed assets in banks, insurance companies, and investment funds, to impact capital providers.

As philanthropies, big companies, official development aid agencies, governments the World Bank Group and other development banks, let’s establish big professionally-run Outcomes Funds to pay for the impact achieved by SIBs and DIBs.

And let’s spread the word ON IMPACT, contributing to it as our living guide, at - and share our actions and views under #ImpactRevolution.”

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