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Sveta and Ben

Sveta and Ben Banerjee

We are Sveta & Ben, partners in business and in life. As a result, we developed expert tools and a powerful infrastructure to help entrepreneurs and organizations succeed in attracting impact investing capital.

Sveta Banerjee



Ben Banerjee


Sveta is a leading expert in the delivery of cutting-edge Sustainable Development Advisory to innovative Entrepreneurs.

Founder of Impact Investing Solutions, she is uniquely qualified to deliver tailored solutions to the growing community of Sustainable Development entrepreneurs. 

She is actively raising its awareness within the Swiss financial industry, promoting the core concept of transformational capital as a force for good.

Furthermore, Sveta is TED-ex speaker and Impact Investing & Sustainability Ambassador for the Diplomatic World Institute.




Ben is an experienced entrepreneur and  an expert in Structuring an organization. He has successfully raised funds for Impactful businesses since more than two decades.

He has banking, entrepreneurial, and organizational experience, supported by International and Multicultural experience and background. 

Ben is well known as Speaker at various International and National events and was invited as Guest of Honor to President Obama's

Second Inauguration.

Furthermore he has been an adviser to world leaders, policymakers, and Major Funds on Impact Investment and creating policies by anticipating flow of events. 

Our Team of Experts

Ivan Ransom

Communication Manager

Ivan Ransom

Ivan is a sustainability specialist with more than 5 years of experience in climate change, environment and resilience.

His vision on sustainability combined with his technical expertise allow him to develop innovative projects to solve socio-environmental problems and transform business as usual models into sustainable ones through a comprehensive approach supported by scientific research.

Sergei Ponomarev

Certification Manager

Sergei Ponomarev

Sergei is responsible for the certification programs and educational content. 

PhD in Political Science, co-founder of IIIC Galileo, certified expert in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact measurement with more than 20 years of experience. Sergei is specialised in social engineering, education and consulting for impact startups. 

He has been teaching 14 years at the universities, worked with corporations, social enterprises and NGOs. Sergei managed more than 100 international social projects and worked in 25 different projects in 15 countries. 

Dr. David Martinez

Information Technology Consultant

David Martinez

David is responsible for Information technology.

He is a Complex Systems and Data Science Specialist, holding a Doctor of sciences degree with Honours and authoring several international scientific articles regarding Health Sciences and Complex Systems.

David is also an expert programmer and his passion is to answer questions and make predictions using mathematical models and machine learning models.

He applies the knowledge generated by mathematical models into several fields including data analysis, human behaivor, web development and optimization, social media forensics and finance forecasting. 

Advisory Board

Alessia Minkus

Business Advisor

Alessia Minkus

Alessia is a multi award winning entrepreneur that has started and run companies over the last 20 years generating a total of $500M revenue. 

During the last few years she has partnered and/or shared the stage with icons like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Randy Zuckerberg, Kevin Harrington and more. 

Alessia's passion is to advice female founders on leadership and revenue optimization to support her mission to close the revenue gap in female entrepreneurship globally.

Stephen Brenninkmeijer

Business Advisor

Alessia Minkus

Stephen is a private investor with interests in climate change, impact investing and education. For 30 years he was involved in family-held retail business, C&A in USA, Japan, England and throughout Europe.  He has been active in impact investing since 2002, and founded Willows Investments in 2008 with the aim of supporting promising ventures with a social mission, including those below.

Member of the Board of Directors, World Resources Institute (USA) 

Europe Council, The Nature Conservancy (UK)

Foundation Council Member, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (UK)

Advisory Board member Auticon (Europe / UK) 

Advisory Board member Sutton Trust (UK) 

Advisory Board, European Business School (Germany) 

Board Member, responsAbility Participations AG (Zurich) 

Member of the International Council, Global Leadership Forum (UK) 

Member of the Fund Advisory Board, Chi Impact Capital (Switzerland)

The Harmony Project (UK) – Founding Patron

asc Impact (Switzerland), Advisory Board Member

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